Quality Management Services

Konor has in place high quality management systems to ensure the efficient operation of every site.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

As part of their overall quality management system, Konor controls the production and storage of food and food products by the application of a suitable HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) system.

Continuous Improvement

In conjunction with its customers and residents, Konor maintains a program of continuous improvement that incorporates regular measurement of agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and a comprehensive Performance Review process.

Nutritionally Balanced Foods

Konor’s dietary program ensures that nutritionally balanced foods and recipes are incorporated into the daily menu design and delivery, providing residents with a variety of healthy foods.  The program includes a 6 week menu cycle to ensure that residents have variety and there are regular special events such as on-site BBQs and seafood nights.


Getting the camp or village up and running is the first item a new site needs and is usually the last item that receives serious planning attention.  Konor’s experience, gained over the years in planning and implementing projects from start-up to completion, has proven beneficial to its customers.

Working in conjunction with the customer, a project plan is developed to achieve the smooth opening of the facility in the required time frame with special emphasis on:

  • Having the first meal as good as the last and served on time.
  • Ensuring that the first night provides residents with a home away from home in their new accomodation.
  • Fully functional on site management
  • Focus on workplace health, safety and environmental concerns.
  • Proactive local and indigenous people’s policy for employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

Workplace and Environmental Safety

Konor complies with all relevant laws, codes of practice and industry standards for Workplace Health and Safety including:

  • Health and hygiene management
  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Safe Work Procedures including hazardous materials
  • Skills Training and Competency